When exclusive breastfeeding causes life long disabilities from insufficient intake. Honoring a child’s 6th birthday today. It doesn’t get easier.

HappyBirthdayWhen exclusive breastfeeding causes lifelong disabilities from insufficient intake.  Honoring a child’s 6th birthday today.  It doesn’t get easier.

6 years ago, a healthy, bouncing baby boy was born. His mommy had a normal vaginal delivery and he immediately latched and began breastfeeding. His first 24 hours of life were uneventful and his mommy and daddy were over the moon during this blissful time. Neither of them knew they would be victims of breastfeeding starvation which would result in life long disabilities for the baby boy, and a heroic campaign of epic proportions by his mother to inform the public of the unforeseen and dangerous consequences of insufficient intake while striving for exclusive breastfeeding.

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Tongue Ties and Bottle Feeding


As a NICU nurse, my infant feeding practice is based on my  passion and clinical expertise to provide expert feeding care for all babies regardless of  how they are fed.

Andrew’s feeding story is one example of how I provide solutions for mothers when they are desperate for infant feeding knowledge which includes more than breastfeeding.

“Where science, infant feeding and shame-free support rules.” ~The Momivist~

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This is what my feeding practice looks like as a NICU nurse and IBCLC.

Today on March 2, 2016 I am celebrating IBCLC Day. There are manyIBCLCDay16 specialties  in the lactation world that can help every mother meet her infant feeding goals. My infant feeding practice is rather unique, as I consult all over the world to help with complex infant feeding challenges, and the majority of my consultation work is provided as a courtesy as most mothers cannot afford lactation consultation fees.
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No, breast milk is not a miracle cure-all.

EyeInfectionBabyWritten by Ani Lipitz

Many, many myths about the magical powers of breast milk have made their way into the mainstream in recent years. The general public’s poor understanding of how passive immunity  works has done much to fuel this “magic milk” furor. Mistaken beliefs about breast milk’s medicinal value run the gamut from innocuous (that it prevents allergies – it doesn’t) to the weird (that it e
nhances grown men’s athletic performance – it doesn’t) to the downright dangerous — that it can treat infections and other medical conditions in lieu of medication and other doctor-prescribed interventions. It cannot.

My oldest son was born with an obstructed tear duct, a relatively common and harmless condition that usually resolves on its own within the first few months of life. When he reached the age of 15 months and his tear duct still hadn’t opened, we were faced with the prospect of having to have it surgically opened. Although the procedure is quick and simple, I was nervous about putting my son under general anesthesia, and turned to the armchair experts of Google for alternative solutions. The one that turned up the most hits was, “Squirt some breast milk in his eye!” I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how breast milk could help open a membrane, but I thought, “Eh, it can’t hurt!”

I was wrong.

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Pumping Like A Boss

The Momivist : Where science, infant feeding and shame-free support rules.

Pumping is a big part of how many new moms feed their babies. Pumping can beNinthDayMomivist a challenge for various reasons, known and unknown. I want to share what I have learned over the years to help improve your pumping experience and hopefully to help you to learn how to collect more milk while protecting your supply when away from your baby. A few things need need to happen before you begin to pump. I am referring to electric double pumps, or hospital grade pumps:

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